Form P46 is needed if an employee starts a new job without a P45 (leaving details from a previous employer). This can happen in the case of the person starting their first job, being unemployed and not claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance, being an immigrant, the employee not handing the form to their new employer, or a previous employer’s negligence.

A P46 enables the tax office to register your employment under your employer’s reference. It also says whether the job is your only or main job, and whether it is your first job after full-time education. It determines what the tax office does next in ensuring your employment record is up-to-date, and how much tax you pay in the meantime.

If Davenports operate your employer’s payroll, you can save time by filling in a P46 below. If you are an employer and would like your employees to be able to fill their P46 forms in online, please view our payroll services or contact us.

If Davenport’s don’t operate your payroll please download a P46 for manual completion.

Personal Details
  1. This is very important in getting your tax and benefits right
Your present circumstances
  1. Read all the following statements carefully and choose the one that applies to you

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Signature and Date
  1. This form will form part of a legal document; as such we require your signature. To do this we will need to create a digital signature, which will be made up of information known mainly to you.
  2. Digitally signing this document will be the same as physically signing that this information is correct

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