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About us

I am the Co-Founder and Finance Director of Davenports accountancy. With extensive experience in the accounting industry, I am responsible for compliance work on client accounts and tax returns.

Scott Davenport

Finance Director
I am the Co-Founder and Business Development Director for Davenports Accountancy. My role is to enhance the brand of Davenports. I also manage client service levels and new opportunities for the business.

Jason Davenport

Business Development Director
It is my role to analyse an organisation, or a function within an organisation and see how it can be improved and/or rectified. I do this both internally for Davenports and for external clients also.

Jacob Walcott

Business Analyst
My role is Assistant Accountant. I am an Account Manager to Davenports clients. I am the first point of contact for my clients for their day to day management. I am responsible for my clients accounting and tax matters.

Katarzyna Frost-Baranowska

Assistant Accountant

Charlotte Bibby

Assistant Accountant
I deal with the marketing and design side of Davenports Accountancy. My job is to think of creative ways to advertise our services across all print and social media platforms with fresh marketing campaigns.

Emily Devlin

Graphic Designer

Administrative services

Focus on your business

We cover all aspects of administration protocol from management reports to cost cutting exercises, due diligence and company structure, the lists goes on and we can cater for all enquiries. Rest on us, we love working with all types of businesses.

Tax Consulting

Bringing you top value

We understand the importance of well organised tax accounting. We get the most out of it and keep following all the changes in the law.


Our clients tell us that Davenports Accountancy is great! They feel we represent good value for money and that they like the way we buy into their business needs; work with our clients as flexibly as possible in their pursuit of business and personal success and act as if we are an efficient motivated employee rather than an external agency. It’s little surprise, that the majority of our new clients come to us following a personal recommendation from an existing customer.
Who feels the need to switch? It usually happens when you have real doubts about the person already supplying your financial support services and we find it’s normally one of the following:
• you’ve been let down or left vulnerable
• your accountant hands the work to a less able junior
• your fees seem increasingly inflated for the service you are receiving
• your final tax figures are too high
• you just need more proactive support with your credit control
• You need a flexible bookkeeping service to keep pace with your changing business
• You just need someone with financial flair that can explain what’s going on to you in plain English!
You can talk to us without making any commitment about taking us on to work for you. We never push or adopt a hard sell, we don’t need to. You stay in control. You can contact us via email, telephone or enquiry form and we will be happy to discuss your needs.