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Vat Returns


We can tell you all about VAT on this website but that’s probably not what you need. We think what you are looking for is reassurance that we know how to assess the way VAT relates to how your company works and to be able to get your VAT returns in on time without mistakes and ensuring you pay no more VAT that you are obliged to pay.

We offer you our experience and knowledge of:

• VAT law
• VAT rates for goods and services
• VAT registration
• Assessment of VAT and it’s relationship with your company
• VAT Returns
• Liaising with Customs and Excise
• Deregistration

Lots of factors affect VAT and you need to be sure that you understand VAT and how this tax relates to your business specifically. There are a lot of rules with VAT which may not be immediately obvious and there are high penalties for getting your VAT wrong or filing it late so it makes sense for you to hand this over to someone else if you are not a trained VAT specialist. Don’t forget, there may also be real benefits to allowing a specialist to handle your VAT. There will be things we know about that you may not realise you are entitled to and choices you can make that will help with the success of your business. On the surface VAT returns seem fairly simple but are they? It makes sense to find out how Davenport could tackle VAT for you. Not all Bookkeepers are the same.

Here at Davenports we like to move with the times… sometimes even being ahead of them. No matter where you are in the country, or even the world, you can connect with us via Whatsapp, FaceTime or Skype. Enjoy the convenience and the freedom to get in touch at times and ways that suit you. We’ve found that sometimes phone calls just aren’t enough. We bring personality to accounting and want that to be reflected in how we communicate with our clients.